How Safe Are Our Hands

The words ‘clean’ or ‘sterile’ often come to mind when we think about Hospitals but it might be more appropriate to change those to ones like ‘pathogens’ and ‘superbugs’.

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Marketing Tips To Promote Your Cosmetic Brand

Your minor cosmetic brand will require a smart business promotion plan to take on the competition and ultimately become a leader in your line of cosmetic products.

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The Benefits of Alcohol Free Hand Sanitising Wipes

Most sanitising wipes and hand sanitisers contain around 60% to 90% ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. These figures essentially make the sanitiser more powerful than some of the strongest alcoholic beverages on the market.

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Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

It is vital to maintain your kitchen space, including workstations and chopping boards, to keep cooking and eating safe as bacteria can develop and disperse.

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Five Tips for Looking After Sensitive Skin

It can be quite difficult to care for sensitive skins so it is advisable to limit your use of skin care products as much as possible. Simple skincare regimes are often more appropriate for sensitive skin in general as they prevent product overload.

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Eliminating Kitchen and Bathroom Bacteria

That pesky bacteria, unfortunately, it is unavoidable and gets everywhere, no matter how much you clean an area. Unless you are doing a full bleach scrub down every day then bacteria are going to find somewhere to grow.

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