The Benefits of Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitising Wipes

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitising Wipes

As a new parent, you’re going to be very scrupulous when it comes to keeping anything that’s going to be around their newborn as clean as possible and sanitising wipes are a simple and effective way to achieve this. Yet unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that most parents are unaware of the dangers these wipes can pose to their child and that alcohol-free sanitiser wipes are available as an alternative that will avoid any of the potential threats that come with general sanitiser wipes.

Why choose alcohol-free over normal sanitising wipes?

Most sanitising wipes and hand sanitisers contain around 60% to 90% ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. These figures essentially make the sanitiser more powerful than some of the strongest alcoholic beverages on the market. This gives them the potential to intoxicate your child if they were to manage to get hold of one and suck on it or even if they were just to lick their hands after the sanitiser has been used/applied.

Furthermore, due to the high alcohol content contained in most sanitisers/wipes, they become a fire risk down to them being tremendously flammable. If used near an open flame they are very likely to go up in flames which could lead to injury or damage. This also makes them a risk if storing them in a vehicle, because they need to be kept away from sources of heat or light.

It’s just not safe for hand sanitiser or sanitising wipes with alcohol to be used on children or anything around them.

If you choose to purchase alcohol-free sanitisers, they are perfectly safe to be taken anywhere you go and you will never need to worry about the effect they might have on your child, other family members or any damages that could occur due to using them.

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