1 Litre Cartridge Wall Dispenser- Wall Mounted

1 Litre Cartridge Fill Dispenser- Wall Mounted

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WALL/1000CLAR 1 Litre Cartridge Wall Dispenser- Wall Mounted
£22.50  (1 per case)
GEL1000CLARREF 1 Litre Refill Cartridge for Bulk Wall Dispenser
£143.82  (6 per case)

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Product Description

Our wall mounted hand gel dispenser is perfect for high-traffic public areas. Hospitals and doctors surgeries are an obvious place for these but they could also be used in food preparation areas, schools, canteens, any buildings where the public and stringent hygiene requirements meet.

A handy and easy to fit refill cartridge with a litre of hand gel can be slotted into the dispenser in seconds and your janitorial team can order in bulk for an even bigger discount.

Our alcohol solution is effective against most common bacteria and kills influenza, tuberculosis, E-Coli, salmonella and many more germs you may encounter. It is nourished with aloe vera to prevent skin from becoming dry and is fragrance-free.

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• Great for use in public areas such as hospitals and doctors surgeries
• Allows the product to be easily accessible
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Great for sectors who deal with food ingredients
• Fragrance-free
• Reusable when purchasing the refill product – GEL1000CLARRE

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